Well Implemented Multiplayer features |  Allows players to share their gaming experience with others Edit

Well designed and implemented multiplayer features in a game can make an awesome game even better. Multiplayer allows players to share their gaming experience with friends or, in some cases, even complete strangers. This human interaction gives more life to the game and helps keep the game play fresh. There are many ways in which multiplayer can be incorporated into a game.

Examples Edit

Games halo header

Throughout the years Halo has included many successful and well implemented multiplayer features in their franchise. Over the years the Halo multiplayer experience has evolved and broadened to now include co-op campaign, online competitive and social arenas, co-op survival modes and even the ability to create your own maps and game modes and play them online with your friends.

Another example is Ibb and Obb. This game is made for 2 players (the green and red ones). Players need to help each other to solve puzzles and move forward such as jumping on each other to escape from enemies (black balls). The game cannot be accomplished without the coorperation between the two players.




In the Korean MMORPG Archeage, player can build their own establishment and invite their friends to visit their houses or farms. Players are also encouraged to "steal" stuff from others' farms. This feature connects players in a creative way.




Paragon is Epic Games entry into the crowded MOBA market. The game has borrowed ideas from existing MOBA games like League of Legends and DotA to convey fruitful multiplayer highlights. A portion of that includes online competitive and social arenas, a co-op game with friends and even the ability to stream, record and replay your own particular matches or some other matches of your friends. With a customized match-maker, the matches will be created with players on the same level. This expands the player engagement and it doesn't feel like an avalanche to the losing party. Likewise, if the player feels, the match can't be won, a voting round can likewise be held to surrender to the triumphant group.