Concept Edit

Meta-games, games whose focus is on breaking the fourth wall and incorporating that awareness of the player playing the game, can enhance this experience by utilizing the capabilities of the platform they run on. This could be viewed as 'showing rather than telling' the player about the game's awareness of it being played.

Examples Edit

Pony Island is a game which often reminds the player that it is aware of its status as a game being played. This is achieved in part through the emphasis of examining and rehashing common game tropes but also is shown through the game's use of the platform it runs on (Computer - Steam) to communicate with the player.

Pony island

During one part of the game, the player must answer certain questions then perform tasks where they must pay close attention to certain areas of the screen. The game attempts to distract the player from completing this task by using a mock up of the Steam interface to draw the player's attention away from the game. The game sends fake messages, imitating private messages on Steam, from a random person in the player's friend list with messages responding to the player's answer to early questions in the game. If the player ignores the Steam prompts the game will become more aggressive in sending them, making the player question whether or not the game is truly sending these messages, encouraging the player to investigate further and become distracted.

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