Without doubt, uniqueness of games lead the trend of game development in certain time. It drags people's attention and curiosity to play the games and even some people might just go along for the ride. People would buy and play the games mostly because their curiosity makes them want to do that. Unique selling point plays a crucial role in competing with millions of other games. In the process of designing a game, developers are supposed to discuss about what uniqueness it has and how this uniqueness work in the game in order to arouse players' curiosity.

My example: Pokémon Go with its unprecedented game mechanic gives our players a super fresh feeling about video game and arouse our curiosity to want to see how this game is going to work. With the development of video game technology, Pokémon Go perfectly utilize AR system to not only show people what AR is about but also show people video games are not totally virtual any more and it creates immersive environments between virtuality and reality.



Goat Simulator

This game simulates the player as a goat. The player can do basically whatever she wants and scores with damage she makes around the town. This game is unique in the character setup (aka a goat) combined with the "damaging" gameplay; it is quite different from the other simulators where you do what the simulated object usually do in real life.

Goat simulator