As mobile game become more and more popular, many popular AAA titles are creating titles for the mobile. This can be a good thing, as popular games move to mobile. It can help to stabilize some AAA titles that might be struggling on other devices. But when games try to keep the complex aspects of their game, while trying to fit everything into the small space that is available to mobile games, it can create a frustrating experience for gamers as they try to navigate a much smaller space.

 Example: Sim City-Build It

Sim City is very complex and huge AAA simulator with many games under their name. That complexity is a big part of their game and franchise. But their mobile game, while trying to keep the original feel and complexity of the larger game, can make for a frustrating experience. Movement and menus are hard to navigate on the mobile device. Mix this with a small and hard to manage UI can make the game a frustrating experience.  

B8d img-3740

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