Too many Interaction. Too many confusion. Edit

Giving too many controls to play the game often leads to confusion and frustration. Most of the people who I talked with loves playing game which has the least interactions. Nowadays, a major portion of the audience are women and old people; they participate in games which are easy to learn and master. From a revenue perspective, it would be wiser to build games considering these audience. Even if the game involve complex mechanics, the game designer should put all the hard work on the AI system and just leave the decision making control to the user. This would help achieving similar game mechanics with easy to learn game control. On the contrary, taking too much control from the user also creates a bad experience. Here, player will have less control over the game leading to boredom. Modern mobile games are a great example for ideal approach. A game interaction can be as simple as a touch or gesture that can trigger a timed action.

Examples Edit

Flight simulator

Flight simulator is one of the game in which the keyboard is extensively used. To control the flight, you end up using more than ten keys. Only expert players can master the game controls and play the game which narrows down the audience. Games like this are mastered in forced environment rather than volunteer picking by the player. Some of the military forces require their pilots to complete lessons in flight simulator before taking the actual flight. While this might sound useful to the military, it is very complex for the general public and they easily give up playing these kind of games.

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