If you're interested in receiving negative reactions from players, make sure to prioritize learning over interest right from the start. Serious Games, News Games, Art Games, or any non-traditional genre of games are most likely to experience this threat because they do hold additional or alternate aims from games made for pure entertainment. Regardless of whether your game is meant to entertain, inform, engage, connect, inspire, or any combination of these and more, it still ought to follow an interest curve. Interest may vary depending on your aim, and interest in traditional games is often associated with things like fun, engagement, challenge, or difficulty, but interest can also be represented by stress or learning. Regardless, make sure that your game holds 'interest' at a premium, lest it lose player interest and fall into the category of "bad games".

Examples Edit

Captain Novolin Edit

This game sucks. The aim of this game is to educate players about the dietary and behavioral restrictions of Type1 Diabetics. Specifically, they aim to emphasize the dangers of foods with high carbohydrate content. However, the game designers failed to account for an appropriate ramp of interest in their game. Interest in this side-scrolling beat-em-up game is represented by challenge, specifically enemy difficulty. The ramp on this game starts quite high, and has been remarked as unbeatable by some. Without proper difficulty scaling, this game fails and falls into the category of "frustrating" as described by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi because player ability falls far behind the game challenge. Performing play testing and matching difficulty to ability would solve this poor interest curve problem and perhaps even bring it out from the notorious top 10 worst games of all time list

SNES Longplay -267- Captain Novolin16:49

SNES Longplay -267- Captain Novolin

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