When someone plays a TPS game, they may feel frustrated to the difficulty of the TPS game. As game designers, we are trying to balance the difficulty in games and make games more realistic. The best way to fix these issues is using the Survival System, which enables players to hide behind walls or obstacles. Survival System not only allows players to keep safety at the forefront of the fighting but also makes the game more realistic.
Example1: In the Resident Evil 5, the Survival System will show an instruction when player stand next to walls or obstacles. At that time player can hide behind the wall, and turn for shot if they are ready.

Deus Ex:Mankind Divided


Similar to a lot TPS the ability to hide behind walls, crates and other game environment objects. Deus Ex does an excellent job of creating an environment that allows the player control the outcome of the game. By navigating the environment with stealth by hiding and moving from cover to cover the player can avoid shoot outs with enemy AI.