Overall Description Edit

For some games, especially online multiplayer games, players would willingly gather up and form different communities. These communities contain extremely considerable potentials that can help flourish those games. Some developers and publishers, fortunately, would like to hear from those communities and absorb their creativity and merge them into their games, thus their games were designed to actively accept such actions. With such system built into the game, players are more willingly to go further in this direction and spend more time on this game, and this will also give players a sense of belonging into the game.

Examples for Demonstration Edit

First example I would like to talk about is Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


The developer and publisher of this game, Valve, really saw the potential that players can bring them, so they decided to open market and workshop for players. In market, players will be able to purchase and sell in game items that they do not want to keep. In workshop, valve encourages players to create all possible assets of the game, including weapon skins, maps, and game modes. Players will also be able to vote for assets that they would like to see in game. Valve will regularly pick certain items from workshop and add them into game, and players who created those assets would get a profit share.

Second example I want to mention is Insurgency.


Although the developer and publisher of this game, New World Interactive, is not well-known and Insurgency as a FPS game that was released on Jan 2014 and only charged 10 dollars, this game is still actively being updated quite frequently by New World Interactive and all update contents are free of charge. Moreover, they also make full use of Steam market to let players create new weapon camos, new weapon models, new maps, new game modes, new sounds and even new UI. All contents in steam workshop are free of charge and players will be able to use all of them.