Many games provide the sneak peek strategy so that player can get a chance to sense the enemies and calculate the next strategy instead of moving directly into the enemy area. This can help a lot to the player to step back and think if attacking the enemy is actually required or they can just bypass that area without making enemies notice. Hence, there are some situations where player can just avoid shooting and attacking while moving forward in the gameplay. It also helps in horror games, in which player cannot attack the enemy and only possible action available is sneak through while waiting for the enemy to leave the area.

Example: Edit

Outlast -


In the outlast game, this strategy is used most often since there are no weapons available to combat with the enemies. So the player has to hide behind the walls, under the bed or in dark areas since these enemies cannot see in the dark. The only way the player can see in the dark is through camera having night vision to a limited extent. The player can stay and wait for the enemy to pass through the area and move out once it is safe. 

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