Many games with a platforming element in them contain sections of very slow moving platforms. This forces a player to wait patiently for each platform to reach them. This defeats the entire purpose of platforming. If platforms are sluggish in their movement, they might as well be taken out of the game as they just waste time and add no additional challenge. This can apply with various hazards as well. Players waiting for a hazard, such as a falling wall, to run through its cycle before they can proceed is just as much of a time waster without any added pressure to the player.

Example #1

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most common offenders of slow moving platforms. This franchise is all about speed. Players have come to expect an endless run of action through sonic levels with minor interruptions to break the flow. Because of the game's fast movement, immersion is immediately put on hold when players reach a section with a leisurely moving platform that needs to be jumped on.

Slow platforms

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