Games often have loading screens which are quite boring and takes too long to load. Some games did it smart by implementing tips and hints for the players to read while on a loading screen. However, players prefer to have a seamless loading screen to keep the flow of the game.

•    No Man’s Sky

Although the gameplay mechanics of no man sky is not that good currently, I was pleased by the seamless loading screen launching from plant and landing on the other planets. As we all know, each planet size is extremely large comparing to other video games. When playing fly down towards the plant, the player will see the entire process of going into the atmosphere and actually land on the planet. This design is just amazing to see, in these types of games.

Example 2: Mass Effect -

Mass effect created a massive world for players to explore. The game did have loading screens for when players went to completely different regions however some regions (like the citadel) were so large that the developers had to hide the loading screens when the player would go to different parts of the structure. The developers cleverly hid these load screens when the player would take the elevator. Not only was this an immersive way to hide the load screens it also allowed for character interesting character inactions between the characters in the players party.

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