It's easy to take save systems for granted; a lot of time and hard work goes into programming the way a game captures your game state (not just around your player avatar, but of the whole game world). When this system works, it simply blends in with the rest of the game -- play, play some more, save your progress, and pick up exactly where you left off next time you boot up the game. However, when this system fails, or when save files are corrupted for whatever reason, it completely shatters the immersion and experience of a game. Making sure saves are seamless and hard to interrupt or corrupt is crucial in making sure your players continue to play your game. After all, how can they be expected to stay loyal if they have to entirely restart the game every few days?


Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Recently, Red Dead Redemption and its expansion, Undead Nightmare, were made backwards compatible on the Xbox One. This drew many players back to the games to relive their experiences with steadier framerates and higher resolution. Rockstar, the developer of RDR, helped bring these games to the Xbox One and once again withdrew patch support afterwards. Unfortunately this left players with a patch that created more problems than it fixed -- invisible heads and hands, horses disappearing, and, worst of all, a glitch in the save system. When players save their games by sleeping in safe towns, a glitch sometimes occurs where a black screen appears and freezes the game, causing players to lose all accumulated progress since their last save. There are many players experiencing this and countless forum posts, but, unfortunately, Rockstar has moved on.

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