Rushing things to enhance game play.

Verbs and objects are important part of game play. Rules should be implemented to guide player learning habits. This takes time and make reduce pacing of game. In order to overcome this, creators add lot of objects that were a part of later game play to make player more involved. This gives additional advantage to player who may not be able to learn anything out of this. Since, these object should be achieved and not just provided, player will not appreciate that object. Although, this provides player an advantage, it loses satisfaction or experience that should be important part of game play.

Fallout 4 Power Armor

During first couple of quest in the game, Player receives a power armor that is an important aspect in game play. Power armor is equipped to protect player from damage from bullets and falling, provides player additional weapons to shoot any enemy. This has caused disruption in the game play and has provided advantage to player. Player does not need to search waste lands to find pieces of armor and then assemble at work bench to produce. This is directly handed to player at beginning of game. This removes the satisfaction of collecting pieces and making it yourself.


Grand Theft Auto

Grand theft auto artillery options

It is an open world action-adventure video games series created by David Jones and Mike Dailly. In this, there is an entire range of artillery weapons available to the player from the beginning. This assumes that player knows which weapon is suited for which task or worse, lets the player use a really big weapon like a grenade launcher where a single skilled shot would have been sufficient. This does enhance experience of the player by giving more freedom but renders the different weapons and sequential tasks given to the player, pointless.

Ark:Survive evolved

It is an open world game that lets players survive in a world of dinosaurs. The annoying thing about this game is that the developers constantly pushes out new content and introduces new bugs. The developers didn't seem to fix the old bugs instead.