Open-World games are well known for having unique experiences for each player. The player makes their own story by experiencing random things that happen. Open-World games can also tie these random events into brief in-game story based events. Some open-world games have random events that happen just as the player is exploring the world. These random events involve the playing completing some brief action to complete the event and possible gain a small reward. These events also will usually have dialogue and brief story that allow the player to feel like they experienced something unique and interesting but something that also ties into the games world and overall story.

Examples Edit

Red Dead Redemption Edit

As players traverse across the Wild West Open-World in Red Dead Redemption, they will sometimes come across a random event in the world. Sometimes the player will run into runaway prisoners that they can capture and return, find a person stuck in the desert that needs help returning to civilization, stop outlaws from raiding a town and much much more. These events are random so the player does not know when they are going to happen. All of the different events also contain brief dialogue and story for the player to enjoy. These random events let the player feel like their playthrough and version of the world is unique to them.

Guild Wars 2 Edit


A random event occurrence around the player.

In Guild Wars 2, players are always alerted of any new or random event

which is occurring or about to occur around them, and participating in such events would often help player earn rare rewards.

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