It is no news that VR games can begin to make players feel sick. One of the most common problems is when the eye sees movement but the body and ears do not. This creates an imbalance in the brain which can make people feel fatigue and experience sickness. This can happen when a player is sitting down and flying a spaceship or driving a car that moves quickly. One way of allowing a game to have these driving/flying but keep a player from getting sick is by pacing the action parts with actual movement parts. The Vive allows a player to stand up and move around which in turn begins to calm the body down and restore it to a proper state. Thus if a game is based properly between sitting down actions and standing/real moving actions than players are less likely to get sick.

Examples Edit

Project Daedalus (EAE Student Game) Edit

Whether the game did it intentionally or not project Daedalus added great pacing to their game. The game has two different sections in it, one where the player is flying a spaceship and another where the player is using shapes to solve puzzles. From personal experience I have found that the driving section can begin to make me sick after about five minutes or so but right as sickness begins to occur the game allows the player to get up, move around and interact with real movement. This change calms the nerves and allows a correct correlation between real and artificial movement which can allow the body to recover from fatigue/sickness. If the game can continue this pacing with proper play tests then they can save a lot of people from getting very sick.

Resident Evil 7 VR Edit


As of late, I tried the resident evil 7 for VR and found the game conquer a large portion of these simulation sickness issues through perfect pacing. As the game starts, I saw myself locked in a seat alongside a Ghost TV show fellow. A zombie woman strolls around with a major blade while I attempt to discover a way out. The entire horrific experience can be rendered while I am seated. Some people can avoid simulation sickness when they see a sense of stability and this can be accomplished by giving VR experience while the player is seated. Resident evil took this idea of stability and coupled it with impeccable pacing to help players stay away from simulation sickness.

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