Power Wheels are Tricky to Maneuver and Break the Magic Circle Edit

There are many ways that games attempt to manage having a multitude of abilities regrettably one of the more popular ways of doing this is by implementing a power wheel (or inventory wheel, etc wheel) that players must navigate by rotating the joystick align it with the item or ability that they wish to use. This is not only dexterously difficult to accurately accomplish, but these power wheels often takes up the a large portion of the center of the screen thereby obscuring player vision and breaking the illusion of the magic circle and making readjusting to the action mid combat quite cumbersome. Better ways of grappling with many abilities might be shortcutting abilities to button combinations or even including a mini menu off to one side which the player can freely rotate through to select the desired ability.

Example: Mass Effect 3 Edit

In the middle of combat in Mass Effect 3, players must interrupt the action to bring up the power wheel to issue orders to their allies and use their special abilities. Mass Effect 3 tries to offset the bothersome nature of power wheels by having no abilities in the center and making the wheel semi-transparent, but these attempts do not make up for the awkwardness of controlling the power wheel or its interruptions on the action at hand.


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