Having Weathers that doesn’t actually affect the players makes the world less believable. Too often I find myself running around my half naked character through a blizzard and having no side effects. I feel this is laziness on the development part. If games are willing to go through the trouble of adding in different weathers, why not add in some weather effect too? By adding in weather effect it would add some much texture to a game.

An example to this is “Skyrim”. As you travel around the world of Skyrim you run into different region with different weathers.  However regardless if you’re running through blizzard or swimming through frozen water your character will not suffer frost bite. This is so apparent an issue that people went in and great mod weather mod effect. 


Life is feudal: Forest Village

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Currently, the rain doesn't seem to affect any stats of the game. The rain is just some sprite layer on the screen that makes everything hard to see while playing the game. 

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