Skryim lighting
Lighting is an important effect in video games that can make or break an art style. A common misstep in games looking to achieve a more realistic art style, is too dark of lighting. In real life exploring at night, either outside or in a cave, is very difficult to do without an extra light source. Even after someone’s eyes adjust it can still be difficult to navigate an area properly. Games that try to emulate this forget that players should still be able to see the environment around them without having to crank the brightness levels to max. One example that has this issue is a popular graphics overhaul mod for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Most of its dungeons have torches spread throughout. But sometimes it gets so dark to the point where players would be forced to cast lighting spells or carry a torch just to be able to see in a small radius. Realistic looking games need to look for that balance of good

lighting and practicality.

Example Edit

Dead by daylight Edit

Dead by daylight

It's a great horror game , but sometimes the environment seems too dark to distinguish the building and characters, especially when you play the killer. The game is too dark to play so I had to adjust my computer's brightness, but it hurts my eyes. I had to squint my eyes in order to play.

Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition Edit

Many PC gamers complained that Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition on PC was too dark. They have stated that the sliders and in game options did nothing to help the visibility settings in the game. The game is simply too dark for players to see anything, and it takes away from the player's experience. This has led to frustration among players in steam's forums and reviews.


Dying Light Edit


The game plays well at first when there is daylight and the player can play seamlessly without worrying much. But as soon as it gets dark, the player is not able to see in long distances and hence it is difficult to play in dark.

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