Producing titles that work in a series require the developers to come up with new and exciting controls and game elements that are intended to enhance the player experience. However in many of these attempts developer tend to get carried away with superfluous ideas that don't better the game but actually muddle it more and take away from what made the game fun in the beginning. A lot of sports games dive deep into this rabbit hole with needing to produce a new game every year and a hook to sell their product.

Example: Madden


Since the inception of the Madden games the developers have been attempting to make the game more and more realistic but in recent years have taken this too far. By adding things like the quarter backs cone of vision, advanced playbooks, player controls of the characters have all but made the game a better experience. They may have made the game for life like but as a result the play-ability of the game has gone down and most gamers have relied on the ability to turn the controls back to a simpler version. This along with additions of the ability to create portions of fans and other unnecessary has taken madden from its roots.

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