In any puzzle-centric game the most important thing is to challenge the player in a way that gets them to really think about the solution while keeping them engaged. However, if a game relies too much on one type of puzzle a player can get bored quickly, knowing exactly how to solve their way through every section without much challenge. It’s important to utilize varying types of puzzles/mysteries that can be solved without introducing too many different styles of play, or concepts to remember.


Nancy Drew Edit


The Nancy Drew series does a great job of this. Each game has multiple types of puzzles from very basic real world puzzles like the Towers of Hanoi and Sudoku to complex mysteries, the solutions to which can only be found by exploring the in-game space. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon is a particularly good example of this as it utilizes puzzles which involve memory recall, word jumbles, finding and combining materials found around the train, and various other puzzles which all fit very well into the setting.



LIMBO is a game where you are constantly presented with new puzzles and challenges. It is up to you to figure them out with no hints. New mechanics are often introduced with no explanation of how or when they should be used. This constant addition of new puzzles to solve keeps the player engaged and thinking about the game.

Cut the Rope
Cut the rope is a series of physics based puzzle video games. The objective of the cut the rope games is to feed the candy to a little green creature named Om Nom while collecting the stars. Each level packs introduces new challenges to the player. New puzzles always engages the player and always creates interesting gameplay.

Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2 has various kind of puzzles to offer to its players who enjoy such a challenge, these puzzles are called jumping puzzles and vary from easy to hardcore difficulty and can take from a minute to hours to complete them depending on the individual player skills and the challenge of the puzzle.

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