Objects are an essential part of gameplay. If not used properly they can clutter the screen and become a nuisance to the player. However, objects can be designed and created in such a way that the player feels like they are in this world. By physically interacting with objects in a game, the player can be a part of this virtual world which is a great thing!

Example: SOMA Edit

SOMA Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary Gameplay Lets Play01:04:18

SOMA Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary Gameplay Lets Play

At the start of SOMA, the

player wakes up as the character and has to find their medication before going to see the doctor. Throughout their room are objects that they can interact with and like real life they get to do every day actions: opening the fridge or picking up a magazine for example. It’s these little interactions that make the game feel very real.

Example: Fallout 4

Nearly every object in Fallout 4 has some kind of interactivity. The player can drink irradiated water from sinks and toilets. Any mattress from beds in houses to pads on the ground in the middle of the desert can be slept on, and everything from vending machines, to lockers, to dumpsters and trashcans can be explored for items. Kitchen appliances and various and sundry tools big and small can be broken down into mechanical parts to aid in crafting. I have never played a more 'interactive' game than Fallout 4.

Example: Shenmue

Many objects were interact-able, including drawers that could be opened end explored, as well as intricate (for the time) object relationships. For example, players would have to buy batteries for flashlights. This lead players to maintain various relationships and upkeep environments.

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