In some intense FPS games there are usually conquering and capturing mode in multi-play part. In some games, there is no protection time in these modes. This means if a player choose to bypass the defense or sprint all the way to the point, once he reaches he can immediately capture the area and the team of his will have victory. This at first might not be a problem, but the defenders would feel frustrated and upset because there is no time for them to react or change plans because their area falls too quickly. This becomes worse if the game mode is multiple area capturing.

Example Edit


Day of Defeat:Source(DODS) is a FPS game based on Half Life 2 just like Counter Strike. Different from CS is that DODS have different game modes, one of which to Flag Capture game mode. There are several flag point in the map and player fight to conquer these spots. However there are usually 5 or more spots in each side, the map is large, and it only takes a single players several seconds to take down a flag and conquer a spot. So sometimes the game is over before all the players are aware of, which would make the lose side upset because they could have secured that spot but the conquering time is so quick.

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