Most games (mobile or PC) do not display any information on how to control the character. This usually frustrates the gamer to pause the game, go to settings, find the controls tab and then read the controls.

Example: Edit

Limbo (2010, Microsoft Studios)

Limbo is a great game. When I pressed the 'Play' button for the first time, I was surprised it directly jumped to the game with no mention on how to play the game. I thought the game may reveal the controls as it progresses. Well, I figured the character movement to be on WASD but was on the arrow keys.


 Upon overcoming an obstacle,I thought to myself there must be special key or action key. Up clicking some keys on the keyboard and watching a couple of walkthroughs, I figured the game.

Although the game is superb, but its inability to show the controls may force the gamer to press keys on the keyboard or make the gamer look into the controls tab the moment game starts.

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