No difficulty in the game.

All games need some level of difficulty; otherwise the player might feel bored and that it is a waste of time to play this game. 


Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

In this game you should be racing with other cars and at the same time avoid the police.  However, in the actual game, other cars don’t move and there are no police cars.  So it’s really boring and the truck you driving can go through buildings, trees.  The worst thing about this game is driving backward is faster than driving forward.  The way of winning this game is actually just passing the finish line

Example: Diablo 3

I completely agree with you. To me Diablo 3 was so easy that i pretty much steam rolled my way through the game. Even on the hardest setting the enemies were just too weak. Certain area of the game were hard but overall it was very easy. Most of the time I just have to rotate between 1 through 3 and I could clear a section without much effort.

- Ishun Lo


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