Having really good music ques can often help player immerse themselves in the game. Music can be a powerful tool that can affect people’s emotions. Music ques can alert player to changes in the game. Music can be used in many different ways such as boss fights, item pick up, building of suspense, or just an area of interest. Many games use music que to help gameplay.

For example during a boss fight a change in the music can alert players that certain move was about to be cast or a change in the bosses fighting phase. Music ques can be extremely helpful in a horror game because it can help build suspense.

A game that uses music ques really well was “Until Dawn” made by Supermassive Games. In Until Dawn they use music ques to build up tension to prepare players for what’s about to happen. Until Dawn uses music ques throughout the game putting them at various points throughout the game to really capture the moment for the players.  


 Often players will be alerted to a battle by the cue of thematic music that begins to play (especially in large fights or dragon encounters).