In many role-playing games, we can notice a random loot dispersion system which couldn’t have a less conventionally bizarre ecology like birds dropping chain-mail shirts, wolves drop leather leggings and sharks dropping short-bows. Creatures dropping stuff they have no business carrying is a role-playing cliché.

Examples Edit

Guild Wars 2 Edit


A bug dropping a chest and a hunting stash upon it's death.

Guild Wars 2 distinguishes itself from other MMOs in so many wonderful ways that it’s a shame to see a random loot dispersion system, with monsters dropping items which does not pursue the pragmatic response one expects from a role-playing game.

Example: World of Warcraft

Sadly "World of Warcraft" suffers from random loot dispersion system too. In my many years of playing "World of Warcraft" I've often seen enemies drop random items that seems unrelated to them. I understand its to reward the player but i believe they could have gone about this a better way.

- Ishun Lo

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