Stats for assets given at the beginning of a game are oftentimes the basis for a player’s strategies. These tactics can take many hours to implement and involve a lot of player investment to complete. While changing these numbers may create better balance for the future of the game, it is a poor decision on the developer’s part to alter the stats of already acquired objects. The player is often left feeling cheated and all of the hours that went into the tactics based on the previous numbers are wasted. This has the potential to create disillusionment with the game as a whole.

Examples Edit

Pokèmon Go

The developers of Pokémon Go occasionally use updates to tweak the stats of certain types of Pokémon within the game. The reason for these changes is to bring more balance in gameplay. While some players are excited because their Pokémon received a stat boost, others are left disappointed by the hits that their numbers take. In many cases, highly appraised and ranked Pokémon have some of their stats knocked down by hundreds of points. This can leave these players unable to compete against those who were given a boost.

League of Legends

Sometime, They update item to balance the game after nerfing some character. The main issue is that players invested lots of time to get familiar with those items and knowledge how to use them properly. Once they changed, it means that players have to spend time to re-familiar those items. Players might get frustrated.

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