When a player progresses through a game that focuses on replayability, but does not allow the player to replay levels based on their progression, it can discourage the player from playing previous levels. Only being able to reload a level based on an old save with old items, gear, and skills, can be quite a disappointment when the player really wants to go back through the game with all of their customized abilities from end-game. Once a player completes a game that focuses on replayability, they have the desire to go back to previous levels with all their strength and glory, but by not allowing them to go back with their in-depth skill tree and talents they took so long to acquire (from end-game levels), the replayability aspect can feel lackluster to the player.

Examples Edit


Dishonored Edit

Maxresdefault (2)

In Dishonored, the game design is built around replaying levels and choosing to complete them in a variety of ways (killing enemies, never being seen, etc.). Once the player completes the game, they are encouraged to replay past levels because of achievements and additional rewards based on playstyle. The issue is exposed when the player replays a level, but realizes they have to reload an old save with weaker gear and skills than what they had when the completed the game. The player may feel cheated because of all the time they spent upgrading armor and items, as well as choosing talents in their skill tree.

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