Level editors in non-sandbox games, though separated from the main gameplay, have at least the following positive impacts on the player's experience.

1) It gives the opportunity for players to extend the use of what they have learned. Level editors are popular with platform games. Players improve their skills as they move along in the game world. When they are done with a stage or the entire game, their skills are still fresh in their hands. So it is rewarding to be able to play more in a customized world.

2) It bonds the player with the game. Level editors are usually available throughout the game. So the player does not have to finish the game before playing with level editors. Being able to take part in creating the game is an engaging experience for the player and would thus keep them playing. Players who have played enough to find the game too easy might be able to challenge themselves by making a more difficult level. Players who appreciate the game graphics can further put everything together in their own ways.

Examples: Edit

1.BattleBlock Theater Edit

BattleBlock Theater is fast-paced and (cruelly) humorous game. Its level editor is also fun to play with. Below is short footage demonstrating building and playing with the player's own level.

Official 'Battleblock Theater' level editor footage

Official 'Battleblock Theater' level editor footage

2.Warcraft III Edit

Warcraft III is another fantastic example. Not only can players create new maps for the standard "melee" gameplay, but players can create entirely new modes, units, items, and styles of gameplay using the software's object editor functionality and scripting.

World Editor di Warcraft III

3.Contraption Maker Edit


Contraption Maker is a wonderful "set it up, knock it down" game. It brings the fun of Rube Goldberg machines to your steam library and allows you to play through hundreds of official levels. Additionally, it provides users with the ability to create their own contraptions and share them with friends via its level editor.

4. Portal 2 Edit

Portal 2's level editor is a marvelous example of this. Players can let their imagination wild and create challenging levels for other players to play by putting them on steam.

5. Counter Agents Edit

Combat Agents uses a simple and intuitive interface to design, save and load levels. The level editor allows us to position and design the behavior of the agents moving across the level. It also allows us to add environmental props like boxes, containers, ladders and springs to jump on them. The Level Editor is used to create the world that the player will navigate, interact and play in. The game also allows players to improve their skill by adding a variety of guards and props to emulate tougher scenarios.