In action, adventure or arcade style games, it is very important to perform a well designed level design with putting safe houses that serve as a checkpoint and supply spot where player can save and resupply in game world, as well as relax and rethink in real world. It helps create a flexible game experience curve, making player feel nervous and eased in different time periods. The locations of safe house is based on the game experiences of numerous players to make sure that most players are able to get to the safe houses with little game resources(like ammo, hp,mp,etc).



dead space

Dead Space is a fiction, horror and adventure TPS video game. The player controls Issac Clarke, a ship systems engineer who must fight his way through a mining starship infested with an alien scourge, with different weapons and combat strategics. In this game, safe houses with resuplies are deliberately set, right where most players are in lack of ammo, feeling hard to continue and tired. In the safe houses, players can get ammo, charge the shields and save, also have a rest and rethink the game strategy or previous game experience. After a short rest, player will feel energetic and eager again to proceed.

Left for Dead 2

Every chapter of the game is broken up by reaching a safe house. It always contains fresh ammo for everyone and some health packs. There is often a new weapon in the safe house as well. This way the entire team can start at full health and ammo before continuing the next part of the journey. The game is also progressively difficult before reaching a safe house adding to the sensation of accomplishment when the entire team gets inside. They are then free to pause and breath before fighting more zombies.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

In Final Fantasy XV, many daemons roams the world during both day and night. The player is incentivised to not travel at night becasue the monsters that are out then are much stronger in level and tend to be very difficult for the player to defeat, especially in early game areas. In order to find safety, the player must seek out a campsite and set up their tent. Camping is also the only was to apply the experience players have gained from the day's battles. Camp sites provide the opportunity for players to eat food, giving their characters massive and varying buffs for the next day's journey. Due to the nature of the buffs and other bonuses players are given while camping, as well as the deadly nature of nocturnal daemons, the player is ever cautious not to find themselves stranded far from a campsite at dark.
Final fantasy xv camping location lg

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