In many role-playing games, when players are doing a mission, the zone for the mission is usually marked on the map so players can find where to complete the mission conveniently. However,for several missions in some games, sometimes the marked zone is not accurately the place players have to complete the mission in. This seems a little bug but will confuse and frustrate the players a lot sometimes. Players will usually keep searching the marked area and become crazy gradually. And when they finally find the required item in other places, they will get really angry.


1.Borderland 2:

Borderland 2 is a first-player shooting game in which you will get a lot of missions to complete. It's generally an interesting game but I still clearly remember that time the marked zone for the mission is inaccurate. The mission requires players to find four items in a big place and marks the location for each item on the map. I found three of them easily but when I reached the fourth mark on the map, I cannot find the item for thirty minutes. Finally I searched the solution on the internet and found the item at another place. I felt so frustrated and angry that time.

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