In game menu shortcuts need to be fluid to prevent immersion disconnect

Main RPG have a huge amount of options for the player character. They have abilities, powers, weapons, armor, clothes, etc. These options are great for RPG's because they help the player feel like they have a level of control and choice in the progress of their character. But all these options mean that the player has to spend a huge amount of time in menu's. In order to solve this problem, game designers decided to have a bridge between in game players and menu's, the result was in game menu shortcuts. These can be great, they give the player fast access to chosen items and abilities. This idea helped remove time spent flicking through menu's just to change a few things in game. But if these shortcuts are not done properly, they can destroy immersion for the player just as quickly as a menu screen can.

Example: Mass Effect 1 (Xbox 360)


In Mass Effect 1, the player is given many guns and powers through out the game. But in order to use these items and powers, you had to select them from a in game menu shortcut. Every time that you wanted to change a gun or ability you had to use this shortcut. In a single battle you could use multiply weapons and abilities. This meant that you had to stop, switch, shot, stop, switch, shot every single battle. This destroyed the battle system and the players experience when it came to combat in the game.