Good story telling is very important in modern games; it has become so ingrained into game development nowadays that some games are just the story with bare bones gameplay. If a game designer ignores the narrative either by under developing the story or not executing the method of story telling properly (bad script/bad voice over work/poor cutscene design), more often than not it is going to be a disaster. The narrative may be given less priority because of time constraints or because the designer just doesn't believe that they need to dedicate time and effort in telling the story; whatever the reason may be, bad narrative = bad experience. The player is going to be taken out of the game playing experience every time they have to sit through a badly executed attempt at storytelling.

Example Edit

House Of The Dead Edit

House of the dead is an on rail shooter released in 1996 on the arcade and 1998 on PC. This game had such bad dialogue and voice acting, it was almost on par with that awful second Mortal Combat movie. The gun play was solid but every time anyone said anything I was instantly snapped out of zombie killing mode. It was almost comical the way the dialogue was delivered and with such cheesy dialogue; it was a complete disconnect from the serious nature of the gameplay.


No shit Sophie!

I remember fighting through hordes of zombies and meeting the mad scientist who caused the whole thing. I could not take him seriously because of his stupid voice. Luckily he got killed within the next 2 minutes by the final boss so I didn't have to listen to his inane ramblings.

You can check out the game here.