Now-a-days game worlds are getting bigger and bigger and it is very irritating for the player to not know where he is in the game world. Of course maps and mini-maps help but at times those can also become cumbersome with are the tiny icons overlayed on it.During such times it is always better to have some iconic places in the game that are visible from a far distance. This helps the player by giving him a sense of direction in the game world. It also reduces the time he spends at looking or figuring out the map/mini-map.

Examples Edit

1.Assassin's Creed Unity Edit

ACU Notre-Dame

The Notre-Dame Cathedral in the game Assassin's Creed Unity is one such landmark. As you can see from the image it stands out from the rest of the structure in the game.

2. Skyrim's Throat of the World Edit

The name of Skyrim's center landmark lends itself to the concept of iconic landmarks for the player to use as directional/distance reference. This mountain can be seen from far distances and is the highest structure in the game. When the player approaches Whiterun early in the main quest line, the Throat of the World is presented to him/her in a way to inspire awe - it's something one won't forget the first time they see it, and although it's an obstacle in foot travel, it separates Skyrim into regions.


3- Dark Souls


One of the great strengths of the Dark Souls design is a commitment to world coherency. Most important locations in the game - dungeons or buildings - are unique and visually memorable. And while standing in one area, the player will notice those buildings in the distance. Until, thirty minutes later, they are standing at the gates. This coherency makes the world feel much more solid, as the player understands the large-scale geography of the world. Seath's Tower sits above Anor Londo which sits above the Undead Burg which sits above Lost Izalith which sits above the stone trees.

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