Music often has the ability to express the deepest and the most authentic emotional feelings. The emotions and perceptions of a game are often delivered by the background music that runs though the whole game, which then inspires and resonates with player's personal experience. A game is a complete world by its own, and music is one of the crucial parts. It helps to improve player's gaming experience as a whole when there is a great background music that correlates with the characters, scenes, and story in the game.


To The Moon


In my opinion, To The Moon has the best music throughout the whole game. The music is actually quite simple in terms of complexity, but it has a fascinating way to invoke the player's deepest feelings. The music in To The Moon plays an important role in making the player part of the story. Example soundtrack: For River

Xenoblade Chronicles Edit

Consider the background music in Xenoblade Chronicles. Each area generally has two tracks - one that plays during daytime, and another during nighttime. For most tracks, the nighttime track is a softer, slower piece with less intense instrumentals. Take the Gaur Plains day and night themes, for example.



However, some areas change significantly from day to night. Valak Mountain during the day is a snowy white expanse that frequently experiences blizzards. The music is what you might expect from an ice level in a video game. But during the night, the crystals on the mountain glow yellow and shoot beams of light into the sky, and the music changes to a somber piano piece to reflect the change in mood.


Using this technique sparingly can create very memorable moments for the player!

Monument Valley Edit

Monument Valley Soundtrack

Monument Valley Soundtrack

the background music of Monument Valley is kind of match its art style. It is smooth and soft. The music creates a mood for player during the game, and help them to relax while they solving the puzzle. It become part of the game. People not only recognize the game by its art style, but also by its music.

The Legend of Zelda

When it comes to great music through out a game, The Legend of Zelda is still the game to beat. It was risky, and memorable. It always matched the pace and level of the game. When the level wanted to increase a feeling or decrease that same feeling the music was a leading factor of the game design to do that.

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