Games that starts off too hard - Bad

Games that starts off too hard is bad because it can end up intimidating the players. A good game is supposed to slowly get harder as the player progress throughout the game. As the player get better the game should introduce new challenges to keep the game difficult and interesting. If the player’s feels overwhelmed at the start of the game they are very likely to quite. Keeping the game well balance and knowing how to properly adjust the difficulty is very important.

Example: Dark Souls

"Dark Souls" is an extremely difficult game to master because of how hard it is on the first level. On the first level some enemies can kill you in 2 to 3 hits. Once you die you lose a certain amount of souls and respawn to your last check point. Trying to get from check point A to check point B gets increasingly harder each time you die because the enemies only drop a certain amount of souls and they don’t respawn. These souls are whats required for you to keep going. 


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