Educational games get a bad rap because, well, they’re often times boring! There are those rare few that exceed expectations. The best educational games are fun! They have a core mechanic that doesn’t get boring after a few minutes. They have lots of visual feedback and occasionally a compelling story line. They are all about the whole package, not just the education. These are the types of games that are amazing games that just happen to be educational.

Epistory: Typing Chronicles is just one example. In this game you are a girl riding a fox in this paper world. She’s trying to remember who she is and how she fits. The only way to progress in the game is by typing words that pop up over objects. The game does not spit out random words either, they are often linked to what is around the player. There’s a point in the game where there’s a log blocking your way and the word “TREE” pops up over the log. After typing the word “TREE” correctly then the player is able to progress through that passage and more of the world is opened to them which is like a way of saying when you learn to type the world opens up to you. In addition, typing is reinforced through the navigational keys that put the player in a correct typing position. This position is built into the game play so it is not distracting. Below is a picture showing the tree example cited.


Just Dance Series: Just Dance is super engaging and it also could be educational. Why educational? It literally teaches players how to dance while playing the game. The thing I like in Just Dance is that a lot of people are shy about dancing in front of people and then Just Dance would be the best choice for those people. It is the best educational dancing game I have ever seen so far. Isn't that amazing?

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