Good Snack

Some games do a good job at incorporating interesting facts or mechanics that help develop real world skills. These are bonuses for players because they start learning things without necessarily realizing it. Designers should always think about clever ways to teach their players something that fits into their games. That way players walk away with something much more than just a good time playing games.

Example 1:

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is an intense puzzle solving game. Players solve these puzzles as a team in order to diffuse a bomb. What these game does behind the scenes is develop and test the players’ communication skills. Working with a group to overcome a challenge is a really important real world skill to have.


Example 2:

Any kinds of sport games could always be very educational. Like FIFA or 2K teaches soccer players how to play as a team to win. Players who have different skills in sport in real life literally affect how well they could play to win. Moreover, playing sport games in virtual world also practice players' skills in real world, or maybe playing video games give players the experience they could not learn in real life.


Math Ninja is a good example for educational game. In this game players have to use your math skills to defend enemies so players can learn many math skills in the game.

Example 4:

Niche is another example. It is a genetics survival game where player controls the interbreeding of different species. The game simulates the natural selection and survival of the fittest, thus educating the players about the process of evolution.

Example 5: Happy Atoms

Happy Atoms is a tangible, interactive learning tool that combines a digital app with a physical modeling set. Combining these platforms lets students from 4th grade through college approach chemistry from a different angle.Happy Atoms aims to change paradigm of traditional learning by offering a chemistry learning experience allowing student to experience and experiment in the game.

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