Level-Up System is an Indispensable elements in many massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Players will gain more powers and skills when their level become higher. In general, game designers will design many monsters/enemies for players to kill and gain the experiences. However, if there is only a way that players can used to level-up in a game, especially for unreasonable level-up system, the game will become super boring.

Example1: Edit

In the Lineage (1998), players gain the experience for level-up only through killing monsters. When the players have level 49 or higher, they even have to take more than 100 hours for killing monsters for one more level up. Finally, there are many game cheats bots in the game and force we players to leave the game.   

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Example2: Edit

Bravely Default is a jrpg where the player can form their team with different job(s) combination. In this game, the player is given the choice of leveling and mastering different jobs to support different play styles. However, it takes a lot of experience to master a job fully (level14) and the only way to master it is by grinding experience by killing monsters. This can lead to a boring and repetitive gameplay, especially when the player has to start from level1 every time when they unlock a new job. There are 24 different jobs, and many of them cannot be played efficiently in lower level, and all four character has separate job levels. This causes many players to spend a lot of time in grinding for experience instead of progressing the story.   


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