Games that require the player to anticipate certain situations may sometimes not offer a chance for the player to do so. As a consequence, the player has to learn the behavior of an object at the very moment he/she encounters it and,in some cases, this can lead to the player having to restart the game. Some games use foreshadowing to give minor hints to the player on what to expect next. These hints give information to the player without telling it to them directly and serve as a means to allow the player to anticipate the mechanics required in the near future.

Demonstrative Examples Edit

Super Metroid Edit

In Super Metroid, the player encounters a miniature version of the level's boss, Kraid. This serves as foreshadowing to teach the player that he/she must jump to avoid the belly spikes of this type of monster. Later in level, the player encounters the boss but knows what to expect. In this case the player jumps when the boss launches its large belly spikes.

World of Warcraft


In WoW, most raid bosses have a series of standard enemy fights before them (often called trash). Usually, these trash mobs use weaker versions of a bosses' moves, allowing you to anticipate what kind of abilities the boss has. Players gain a bit of experience with the mechanics before actually reaching the boss.

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