In most modern MMORPGs, there are tons of quests for players to complete and they all have very detailed instructions to guide players, such as auto-moving, auto-pathfinding, or even auto-fighting in some games. Players just simply click a few buttons and everything is done for them automatically. These overly detailed guides and "helpers" eliminate the possibility for players to think and talk. Over time, it just leads to repetitive gameplay and eventually boredom. In old online games like Crossgate, players have to actually communicate and decide their next step together. When the quest is completed, players actually feel like they have participated in and created something great, not just simply followed orders provided by the program.

Examples Edit

Black Desert Online Edit


In Black Desert, pretty much everything quest related is done for you by the game. You could move to any place by simply clicking one button. It is already bad enough to have that idea, but they actually made the automatic pathfinding rather ridiculous. Players get bored very fast.

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