While tutorials are helpful for new players to get into a game, occasionally, games can get to the point where it is too much. In an attempt to get a larger amount of newer players, certain games add in too much tutorial and hand holding to the point where it alienates their larger audience, the players returning to the series. This is usually paired with unskippable tutorials and tends to make veteran players feel infantilized and annoyed with the pacing of the game.


Pokemon Sun and Moon

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The newest games in the Pokemon series spend about the first two hours of gameplay constantly interrupting the player to give them a tutorial, then proceed to tell them their short term goal numerous times, including a constant blurb on the lower DS screen reminding them what it is. While this lessens later on, it never gets to a point where it stops. This shift in gameplay flow makes it extremely difficult for some veteran players to get through these parts of the game, as the older games in the series kept most tutorials brief.

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