When playing a game, players tend to program a game's controls into their muscle memory; the simpler the controls are, the easier for the player to memorize. In some games, particularly when navigating some menu systems, the game designers forget this and add erroneous controls such as using a different key to confirm a decision or a key in an awkward place on the keyboard or controller causing the player to need to look away from the screen to use it. These control schemes break the player's concentration and cause her or him to step out of the game experience. Even if it is just for a moment, it breaks the illusion of immersion that games can ideally create.

Examples Edit

Fallout 4 Edit

In “Fallout 4” the player is given, an opportunity on occasion to craft new weapons. One of the features of


crafting is that the player is allowed to scrap extra weapons they have found through the course of the game. For nearly every instance in the game, the confirm key is [E] However when scrapping, the item, the game creators decided that the player should be required to hit [Enter] instead. This causes the player to not only have to look down at his/her hands located on the mouse and the main game controls but to move their hands as well, breaking the player concentration and causing them to step out of the game play experience. 

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