Although it is often great to have content to play with other players in Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games(MMORPGs), but sometimes in such genre of games solo or small party of players may often find it problematic to enjoy the content which is targeted towards a larger group of players. When designing group content such as dungeons or higher scale raids, games should often consider the view point of solo players or small parties of players who have trouble finding groups or have to ignore groups altogether due to rising toxicity of current multiplayer games. MMORPGs should provide players with a easy mode settings that would allow such solo players or small party of players to enjoy a large group content they previously couldn't.

Examples Edit

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Edit


Guild Wars 2, released in 2012 had introduced raid content in their expansion pack "Heart of Thorns", due to raid content belonging to a higher difficulty setting a group of ten players would be required to clear that content. Such a kind of requirement often isolates the solo or small party players who can't find a group or would not like to join one.

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