Visual feedback is significant in gameplay to reinforce story and rules. Designers should always remember to correctly reflect the gameplay visually to the player. When the visualization incorrectly/fails to deliver the feedback from the gameplay, it disconnects the player from the story and gaming experience. This can often result in a loss of immersion and dissatisfaction of gameplay.

Examples Edit

Journey final credit disconnection

In the final scene of Journey after the player reaches to the top of the mountain, a star can be seen shooting out from the tip of the mountain, and travels back to the starting area through the sky of the levels. However, no matter if the player finishes the game alone or with a partner, the cutscene is the same. This causes a disconnection between the experience of multiplayer and visual feedback when pairing is one of the unique and most important mechanics, and leaves the player wondering what happens to their partner. This could be avoided, when the player finishes in a pair, by having two stars in the beginning and separate them half way through, which can also be a reflection of the gameplay when the partner joins in the middle of the game.

Journey Ending Credits (HD)

Journey Ending Credits (HD)