One of the aspects I find it engaging is the use of customization in games. it involves able to design your own character which enables the player to artistically implement themselves into the story and create their own story surrounding it. Being able to design your own protagonist enables the player to engage in the game completely . This can extend not only for the character but also what role he plays. In the case of a racing game, the customization can be for the car the player drives. Player customization is usually achieved as a reward system. In almost all games, the customization elements are rewarded once a mission of level is accomplished.

Example #1:

Mad Max (2015, Warner Bros.):

Mad Max uses a host of customizations. Player can customize the

  • car which max (our protagonist) drives in terms of looks like car chassis, bumpers, exhaust, tires and 
  • Mad max car customisation
    Performance like engine, crankshafts, etc. and
  • The character of Max in terms of appearance like (face, dress, shoes, etc.) and skills which improve max's abilities in a fight.

Mad-max customizations

Example #2:

Rocket League (2015, Psynonix)The whole point of playing rocket league is the sense of cars playing football. So, the obvious element of player customization are the cars. Rocket league has a huge series of customization which gets unlocked after every level player achieves in terms of

  • Chassis selection
  • Tyres
  • Hats
  • Paint /
  • Stickers
  • Boosters, etc

Although rocket league maintains the balance of gameplay by not introducing performance customizations since it being multiplayer.

Rocket league customisation

Fallout 4 also allows huge customization's for the player to emulate himself/herself in the game.