Bad Snack

There are many games with relentless and over the top action sequences. These types of gameplay can allow for an exhilarating rush in players and make them feel invincible. But games that rely too much on action need to find a way to stay interesting. If a player is making the same inputs and decisions all of the time in a game, the game gets repetitive and stale very quickly.


One franchise that sometimes struggles with this is Dynasty Warriors. Dynasty Warriors is an action combat game that puts players on an open battlefield with hundreds of enemies to kill. After a while the game can become a mash button fest without the need for specific combos or strategic planning.



One Piece:Pirate Warriors 2 is a One Piece related video game released in Japan for Sony PlayStation 3 and Sony PS Vita. Once Piece is a combat game where the hero is placed in arena against a character. Along with these vital players,huge horde of creepy enemies is added to scene. You don’t need a strategic plan or special moves to kill them. It is just hitting a button continuously to get rid of these guys. Addition of hordes of enemies has not enhanced game play, rather causes frustration and anger in player.

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