Some games the character development is extensive. Weapon upgrades and aviation and character skill upgrades can become hard for the player to keep track of during game play. Players have a tendency to fall back into what they remember from the beginning, however this may lead to less points being earned for XP or make the levels harder if the more advanced skills are necessary. Providing a small popup reminder for the player what buttons to press or move to make can aid the player significantly. This is extremely useful when the skill or move is going to be used consistently through that portion of the level. The reminder only needs to be made once as the action is going to be repeated and reinforced in the player's memory.

Rise of Tomb Raider:


In the Rise of Tomb Raider the player can upgrade the character with various combat and stealth skills that will later aid the player through the game. However the abilities are hard to remember as there are quite a few upgrades for the player and weapons. At certain sections a small pop up window will make quick suggestions on what move and button combinations may best help the player at this particular moment. This window doesn't last long and doesn't

distract the player. In most cases the suggestion is made before entering a difficult section with numerous enemies. Once the player enters combat there aren't any disruptions.

Puzzle and Dragons:

In the mobile match-3 game, Puzzle and Dragons, at the end of every level there is a hint which pops up. These hints can range in information from reminding the player of certain mechanics explained in the initial tutorial to hints as to how monsters can be combined to create better monsters, to information about less gameplay related topics such as account recovery. These hints can serve as useful reminders to the player or as possible avenues of play to try out.

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