Blending right technology with your game components creates a meaningful experience. The decision of going with a particular technology depends on the type of audience and the usability that you are trying to provide. If your target audience is internet browsers, then the best platform for the game would be a web browser which can run on cross platforms and consoles. Similarly, if you are planning application with complete user immersion, Virtual Reality can be an excellent choice. And if you are trying to build an application that would need an additional layer of information over the real world, then Augmented reality comes to play. Smart wearables like beacon, heart beat monitors, motion sensors can all be added based on the need to enhance the experience of the game.

Examples Edit


#1 Pokemon Go Edit

Pokemon Go took the idea of Augmented reality to a wider audience. And they did it when the world was ready owing to smartphone penetration and quality mobile cameras. The idea of finding Pokemon while exploring the real world captivated people as they saw the birth of a new style of gaming. Besides, they also gave the user the choice of having the AR experience turned ON or OFF. In essence, they used AR to the required game components creating a perfect blend of technology and game elements.

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