Bad stories:


Some Japanese games are based on manga or anime.  I often find that those games are less enjoyable and much worse than the original manga or anime.  Especially bad are the types of stories that are based on one girl being chased by ten or more different types of guys.  This type of story is already bad enough, then they make a game out of it.  There is one reason why I say this type of game is even worse than the manga or anime.   At least in the manga or anime, there is usually still a male lead and the male lead and the girl end up together.  But in the game, you can pick whomever you like.  That's why there is a market for this type of game, because different people like different characters.  The downside of this kind of game is that the stories are usually so bad, that you feel like this can’t ever happen in real life.  So, you feel like you are just wasting your time.  All characters will do whatever you want.   Even the type of character that wouldn't do it in real life will do it in this kind of game.  Because it's a game, the player will have many choices.  The result are poor stories and inadequate character development.


Example: Diabolik LoversEdit


I actually enjoy watching the anime version.  In the anime you can tell the male lead is Ayato Sakamaki and as the story progresses, you can tell there is a soft side to him.  But in the game, well, there is no male lead and every playable character's route is split into three sections: Dark, Maniac and Ecstasy. Each of these three sections is split into a prologue, ten subsections and an epilogue. There are three possible endings for each character based on your choices. Thus far, five games have been released and a sixth game is set to be released soon.  The problem with this kind of game is that because there are so many possible endings for every character, some of the endings seem phony or are very unrealistic.  For example, one of the endings for Ayato Sakamaki is so out there or improbable, I am sorry that I ever played the game.  You can create different endings, but please make sure that the actions match the character’s personality and seem real.  Edit

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